Brian Jackson Poetry

by Brian Jackson

“Here the lover, the vet, the tenement dweller, pedestrian and poet comingle in half-light, in phantasmagoria and lush musicality alive and singing the names of the gone world."                ~Peter Gizzi

“These poems meditate on distance. They mark unexpected moments in which the past bleeds through the present, attending to forgotten corners, populated by survivors."                               ~Devin Johnston

These 29 carefully crafted poems "situate [Jackson] squarely as an Imagist and a worthy follower of Guillaume Apollinaire and Ezra Pound."  Read Article                                                                            ~Rodd Whelpley

BlazeVOX Press

As an alumnus of the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics, a seasoned New York City cab driver, and PhD graduate of St. Louis University, Brian Jackson has experienced and seen, firsthand, American life – its beauty and its darkness. In his new book, From Delancey West published by BlazeVOX Press, like great imagists of yore, Jackson enfolds us in the irony and poignancy of 20th Century life.

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